Class Captain 2018 – Jake Shepp, Bloomberg

Eller PDC Coordinator Alumni Stories

Jake Shepp graduated in May of 2018 and currently works as a Financial Product Analytics at Bloomberg L.P. in Tucson, Arizona.

What do you do on a typical day at work?  On a typical day at work I help clients at hedge funds, institutional banks, corporations, and more. I help them get the most out of the Bloomberg Terminal and navigate their way through the financial markets. Whether its a client attempting to analyze risk in their portfolio or someone else who is attempting to generate trade ideas, I’m there to help.

How did you come across this opportunity? My junior year at UofA I was sitting in the Professional Development Center struggling with what I wanted to do and where I wanted to intern over the summer. Like many students before me, I turned to Jeff Welter. After explaining to him my interests he pointed me in the direction of Bloomberg and even gave me a few alumni emails to reach out to. Without Jeff I don’t think I would have ever even known to apply.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? The most rewarding aspect of my job is knowing I work for a company that donates almost all of its profits to charity. In fact, there are many reward programs in the office where Bloomberg will match my donations or even donate money in my name if I donate my time. Also, it’s cool to work for a company that encourages its employees to take off work to volunteer if they would like.

What skills do you find important in your industry?  Finance is full of people, but the people that stand out are the ones that don’t sweat the small stuff. Everyone you deal with isn’t always going to be pleasant, so don’t take it personally. A little friendly competitive spirit is also never a bad thing in finance.

In what ways did Eller prepare you for your job?  Eller gave me the team work and presentation skills that I use every day in my current role. As much as I dreaded going to BCOM, it was actually one of the most helpful classes I’ve ever taken. It was really the little things that eller taught me – such as how to write professional emails to turn in my marketing projects.

Any advice for student looking to enter your industry/company?  Reach out to your alumni. I know personally alumni can be very helpful when looking at jobs, and even at a minimum can help you decide if it would be a good area for you to go into. The worst case scenario is the alumni don’t respond to an email, which if that’s the worst case then nobody should be scared to do it. Definitely come prepared with questions when asking to speak to someone though.

What is your favorite UA/Eller memory?  Without a doubt my favorite UofA memory is getting to light “A” mountain last Homecoming. One of the oldest traditions on campus, this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to come back to UofA this homecoming and see the next group carry on the tradition.