Class Captain 2018 – Juan Pablo Blanco, Citi Group

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Juan Pablo is currently working as a first-year analyst in the LATAM group at Citi Group in New York City. One of the most rewarding parts of his job is adding value to M&A by providing financial counsel on best practices and strategy. Juan Pablo encourages new students who are interested in a career on Wall Street to always reach out to alumni, use LinkedIn for cold networking and meet upperclassmen who already had internship experiences for advice. One of his favorite memories while at Eller was joining ALPFA as a member and then, later on, became the President.

What do you do on a typical day at work? Financial valuation, industry research, client calls, strategy discussion, etc.

How did you come across this opportunity? Learned about the industry through the Eller Professional Development Center, alumni and upperclassmen.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? Adding value to M&A by providing financial counsel on best practices and strategy.

What skills do you find important in your industry? Intellectual curiosity, humility, emotional intelligence.

In what ways did Eller prepare you for your job? Interpersonal skills, clubs, finance classes, portfolio class, financial modeling class.

Any advice for student looking to enter your industry/company? Reach out to alumni, use LinkedIn for cold networking. Talk to upperclassmen with internship experience.

What is your favorite UA/Eller memory? Joining ALPFA as a member and later on becoming President. Was able to put together a great team with a shared vision, passion and work ethic.

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