Externship Spotlight – Wing Chuen Lee, Pima County

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Wing Chuen Lee is an Accounting major set to graduate in December of 2019. This winter break, he did an externship with Pima County Finance and Risk Management in Downtown Tucson, Arizona.

Please provide a brief description of what you did during your externship:

I was given a tour of four different divisions in the Pima County. Each division took about an hour. During the tour, I had the opportunity to talk to different employees and managers and observe their working environment. Moreover, they held a lunch meeting with the externs to give us a better experience of their company’s culture.

Why did you want to do this externship?

I wanted to introduce myself to the County to increase my chance of joining their summer internship.

What did you learn as a result of this externship?

I learned how different divisions function individually and together in Pima County.