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Goal Setting with Tripp

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Tripp Twyman ’18 (ACCT, FIN, ENTR) has spent some time thinking about the importance to goal setting, and would like to share his own goals about travel, setting a financial foundation, and engaging with his community. 

One year ago today, I was entering my final semester at the University of Arizona with no job secured and no plans solidified for after graduation. Today, I’m entering the final semester of my Masters of Accounting program at USC with a full time job at the Boston Consulting Group secured for later this year. This year I’ve made some amazing friends, seen parts of the world I never imagined, and made real progress in building the life of my dreams.

Goals for 2019
You could call these new year’s resolutions, but they’re more of a personal roadmap for these next 12 months. I take goal setting seriously because I believe with self-discipline, they’re powerful tools for creating the life I want. My goals are separated into two broad categories: long-term and short-term.

My long-term goals are my dreams, the big things I want to be and achieve in life. My short-term goals vary in duration, and I view them as the recipe for accomplishing my long-term goals. I can’t overstate the importance of developing good short-term goals. I used to list huge goals and make no progress towards them. But once I built the habit of breaking long-term goals into short-term targets, I started seeing much more success.

I’ve thought about the progress I want to make in 2018, and these are the three areas that I think will best move me towards my dreams. They get much more detailed and if you’re interested, I’d love to talk more in depth about the way I’m setting my path.

Travel More. I want to visit 5 new countries in Europe this year (Greece will be one of them). After that, I want to travel to either Asia or South America to spend a few weeks there learning about the local culture. I want to have a global perspective when I’m older and traveling now will help me build that piece of my identity.

Financial Foundation. I want to have $11,000 in my Roth IRA and another $9,000 in a separate investment account by the end of the year. This will be the first full year recorded on my new budget sheet, so I’ll have a better understanding of my debt position and where my money went. Besides fancy excel sheets and retirement savings, this is the year I start working full-time and it’s important to me start strong financially.

Community Engagement. I want to get involved with at least two organizations working with underserved communities in Los Angeles to support the black community, education or financial literacy. This is work that matters to me, and if I want to be a leader in the space later in life I need to get involved now. This will position me to take on more leadership roles in the next few years but more consequentially, it means I don’t have to wait to make a difference.

This is just a snapshot of my goals for this year. It’s not exhaustive, but it highlights the things that are important to me. Aa quote I’ve held onto from my first job out of high school: “there’s never enough time for everything, but there’s always enough time for the most important thing”, and I remind myself of that frequently as I prioritize and choose what to spend my time on.