Study Tours 2019 – NRF Big Show Confernece, Morgan Maloney

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Written by Morgan Maloney

Study tours:

Wednesday and Thursday were designated as the day’s for ‘Study Tours’, where the Eller College of Management and Retail College toured 4 different companies within the 2 days. We visited: Macys, Dolce Gabbana, H&M, and Winston Retail. Winston Retail was my favorite of the 4 companies on the study tour because I never knew such an innovated, creative, company existed. Touring Winston’s corporate office gave me a different insight and perspective on how a retail company can brand itself by hiring Winston to work on their store design, layout, branding, and/or pop up shops. Retail companies, such as Ralph Lauren, will have a section of their company in a big corporate store like Macy’s. Ralph Lauren can go to Winston and hire them to design their layout they have within the big corporate store. Winston is a company that helps brand their clients products in order to catch the eye of the consumers. They are a 3rd party to the brand of the retail companies. All of the employees that worked at Winston spoke so highly of their company. It showed the true connection the company has on a deeper level with their team.


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the 3 days I attended the National Retail Federation Foundation. I had the amazing opportunity to hear motivational speakers, such as: Lindsey Roy and Jo Malone, speak about their career journey and the love behind what their company means to them. Lindsey Roy is the VP and CMO for Hallmark Greetings. Roy made a huge Impact on me, leaving me speechless when she stood up to speak at the NRF foundation. She told me the true meaning of what her job is to her. She made me realize that at any given moment that one thing you may believe “will never happen to you, does happen”. She helped me put a new perspective on my life and to not take things for granted. After hearing her talk, I immediately wrote thank you notes to my dearest friends and family. Also, to a few of my coworkers that make my life a little better each day. The NRF foundation not only gave me empowerment but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me realize I am capable to do what I want, no matter how big my dream may be. Each one of the speakers at the NRF foundation had a dream and went for it and I couldn’t have asked for better inspiration to start my dream.