ACES – Jazmin Beltran, Cognito

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Jazmin Beltran is part of the Alumni Connecting with Eller Students (ACES) initiative.  She is a Senior Account Executive at Cognito.

What do you do on a typical day at work?

I typically come in and read the news first thing in the morning. I love catching up on the latest in business, technology, finance, etc. That’s pretty much the only regular thing, everything else is different every day! As an Account Executive in PR, everything depends on whatever is going on with accounts each day. Sometimes I have to hop on the phone to listen in on an interview between a reporter and a client. Other times I’m on the phone setting up the interviews. I also support teams with pushing out announcements and press releases to reporters as well as promoting client events. We also check in with our clients pretty regularly and catch them up on all the work (marketing materials, social updates, media interview opportunities) we are doing as well as catch up on any upcoming announcements and projects they may have. I also attend a fair share of networking events and panels around the city to stay up to date on the latest in the PR and marketing industry as well as the finance and technology.

How did you come across this opportunity?

I ‘moved’ to New York after graduating from the UA in May 2016. I came to the city without a job, so I constantly checked online for any and all networking events or industry panels I could go to. I ended up attending a breakfast panel event hosted by Cognito, a financial pr and communications agency, and ended up meeting pretty much everyone who works in the New York office. The fact that my name tag said ‘University of Arizona’ and not a company name must have really caught their attention. I ended up coming into their offices shortly after the event for an interview and they hired me as an intern! Upon the end of my internship, I was offered a full time position and have been with them ever since!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I’m not going to lie, it is pretty cool to see an article on Bloomberg, the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal and know you were a little bit involved in the creation of the story. Making those connections between reporters and clients is very exciting, especially when you see a big opportunity that they both will care about. These are very smart people (both the reporter and industry experts), so it is very fascinating to hear what they have to say and then also read about it. They are informing consumers and business people about trends, political situations, current events, and shifts in the industry.

What skills do you find important in your industry?

Writing is big! We all communicate through many channels throughout the day, but I have learned in the past year that effective writing is crucial in this industry. You must be able to not only communicate effectively with your peers (and superiors) in the workplace, but also communicate with clients and really high level executives. Forming analytical thoughts and sharing them in an understandable manner is very important too when talking to reporters who probably know a lot more about the topics in question than you.

 In what ways did Eller prepare you for your job?

Eller helped me pretty much every step of the way. From sparking the networking bug to my everyday work. The culture of building networks and always wanting to learn and grow helped me come to New York. Once I had my job, though, I still had to work very hard to meet expectations. I constantly use programs like Excel for reporting and gathering information, PowerPoint for new business presentations and strategy, and even InDesign and Illustrator for reporting as well in this past year. Aside from software, I also have been working with teams since day one, much like the Eller model. I also use skills learned in courses such as business writing, research methods, and analytical skills to come up with strategies and plans with my teams. I expect to continue applying that knowledge.

Advice for student looking to enter your industry/company?

Don’t be afraid of challenges. Ask questions and take chances! People really appreciate curious minds. With anything you do, be willing to learn and grow constantly. Showing that you are proactive and interested in doing bigger and better things will take you places you have never thought of before.

Your favorite UA/Eller memory?

The yearly Eller 50 Hispanic Scholars of the year dinner has to be my #1 memory! I remember first getting involved with the Eller Hispanic Honorary during my sophomore year because of this dinner, and I ended up having the chance to MC the event as president of the club during my senior year. Everything from planning the event with my best friends to cleaning up and chatting with everyone after (in true Mexican nature) was a blast! I found my familia in EHH and being able to recognize and honor the amazing Hispanic students and their families was an absolute honor for me. .

“Look at me know” blurb: I absolutely loved working for the UA Student Affairs Marketing office. One of my favorite projects would be the yearly commencement ceremony, where I would basically run around the field helping the production team with literally anything they needed on the day of. This is me overlooking the empty Arizona Stadium hours before the May 2015 Commencement. Still don’t know how I was allowed up there…