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Don’t Let FOMO Get the Best of You This Career Showcase Season

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Written by: Caitlin Barner

It strikes in the most unexpected ways and in the most surprising of times. FOMO…the Fear Of Missing Out. This is a real thing people, and it could be the demise to a lot of positive decision-making for your future if you don’t learn how to reel it in.

With that being said, we’re only one week away from the biggest event of the semester, Career Showcase! I remember my last experience like it was yesterday – I was SWEATING with nerves and prepared for hours the night before filling my portfolio with questions for all my companies I had researched. After meeting all the employers I had hoped to, there was ONE company I hadn’t given a lot of thought to before the fair, but in that moment I wanted to try out – I thought, “Why not? I have nothing to lose, right?”

I walked over to their booth and ended up loving the recruiters. The interaction was professional but made me feel completely comfortable. That extra five minutes was so worth it. The short talk really left an impact on me, and I ended up interning for that company this past summer. My experiences showed that this company was a strong cultural fit for me, and that taking 5 minutes to talk with them was pivotal in my decision-making for my full-time career. All I had to do was give them a chance, and stop worrying about the FOMO I might feel interning with another company that might have more prestige or name recognition.

With over 100+ employers ready to meet YOU, it’s difficult not to feel intimated and overwhelmed when preparing to make those first impressions. When evaluating your opportunities, here are a few tips to keep you feeling confident, open-minded, and FOMO-free this Career Showcase.

  1. Ask yourself “Will I have an impact on the company?”

No one likes working on projects they aren’t passionate about. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that employees are more productive in their work if they can visualize their direct impact on their organization.  Consider asking how this position or internship will help solve major pain points in the company. Will you be a part of a valued team that can help you grow and develop? These are some questions not only to ask yourself when you’re pinpointing what you want from a career experience, but also to ask recruiters when understanding their company culture.

  1. Is this a pivotal moment?

In your life, yes absolutely! In the industry or program you are looking at, you never know! Do your research on the program you’re applying for, and know the company’s major role in the industry they are a part of or breaking into. Outside of the nitty-gritty, see if you can find a cultural fit – when they give the narrative of the company, do your skills and genuine passions fit in? If they don’t, it may not be the best opportunity for you. But if they do, you’re well on your way to narrowing down your options and diving into interviews! Make the best decision you can based of the information and connection you make.

  1. Say “yes” to everything.

Not quite sure what the company is all about? Go interact with their people! Understanding the personality of an organization and comparing it to your own will help you feel confident in your decision-making for your future. Ask the hard questions, follow-up, and find those connections. Most importantly, be your confident self! Companies look for authenticity and the passion you have for what you are a part of here in the Eller College of Management and at the University of Arizona. Let that be motivation to discuss the strengths you already have and those you want to learn.

Your career search and experiences are going to be different from everyone else, but FOMO can stop a lot of us from meeting one more employer or being more confident in ourselves. It keeps us from tackling challenges, making big career moves, and having the utmost confidence when thinking about our futures. This Showcase season, leave your FOMO at the door and be your best self!