Denver Study Tour: Inside Look

Eller PDC Coordinator PDC Events, Student Stories

Each spring, the Professional Development Center presents a unique opportunity for students in the Eller College of Management to visit a variety of companies and meet professionals living and working in a major city. This past spring break, participants toured Denver, Colorado and visited different companies. The following is an inside look of the tour including key takeaways and reflections from students.

Denver Broncos

“Before going to the Broncos, I did not really think to much about what goes into running or even owning a football team. But there are far more people behind the scenes than just the team than I thought, and it has made me think more about looking into an internship in sports marketing in the future as an option.” – Alexis Thompson


Lockton Advisors

“One lesson that stuck with me is that you should not stereotype your job title. It was clear that Lockton has a hard time hiring young recruits because people are scared of the job title.  A job is what you make of it and no matter what department or specialty in Lockton you are, they are going to find a niche for you. One unique thing about Lockton was that we got to talk to the CEO and the COO. It was incredible that they took out time in their busy lives to chat with aspiring business people.”  – Adrianna Claire Harris



“I really liked Protiviti because we got to meet recent U of A grads who were all so warm and welcoming. I learned so much about working in consulting from this company and this was the first company in the accounting/consulting realm that looked very appealing to me.” – Dani Neuberger

Charles Schwab

“My favorite company over spring break was Charles Schwab. It was hard to pick a favorite, but Schwab stuck out to me the most for several reasons. It was the last visit of the day and we were all exhausted, but everyone perked up when we arrived at the campus. We toured only have of the place, but you could still get a feel for the vastness of the structure. They call it a campus because there are three separate buildings for the different operations of the company. The people were friendly, and they said it feels like they’re back in college because, with over 2000 employees at the Lone Tree campus, you will see a new face every day.” – Jack Dufficy


“My favorite company was DaVita, which is a healthcare company and famous for its kidney care technique. I was impressed that the company culture of DaVita. It’s family-oriented and diverse.  During the company trip, I felt their mission and value clearly. Their jobs are about life and impact. I thought that it would be meaningful if I could work in such a company in the future.” – Jiaxin Liu


Point B

“I learned so much from just a 90 minute presentation, and I loved how passionate everyone was about their job. In order to thrive in this industry, one must be a flexible problem solver, and be able to communicate with others. All in all, I really enjoyed my time at Point B, and I would definitely consider working here if the opportunity presented itself.” – Caeleigh Fetherling

Ernst & Young

“I heard people saying that accounting is not useful anymore because it would eventually be replaced by computers, which made me wonder if I should still stick to accounting or not. I asked Mr. Baca on how he thinks of this during the EY company visit, he told me that the human brain is very sophisticated and that our ability to analyze and interpret data could never be replaced by computers. Currently, EY is looking for individuals with not only skillsets but also innovation, problem-solving ability, and adaptability to keep the company competitive in this world of technology.  That was really helpful to me!  I decided to stick to the accounting major.” – Serena Qu



Additional Companies Visited:

US Bank, Illegal Pete’s, Galvanize, Bellview Promenade, US Bank, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Metro Denver, AimHire