Dream Job Spotlight – Jeremeiah Whiteside, KPMG LLP

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Jeremeiah Whiteside is a Finance and Entrepreneurship major set to graduate in May of 2019.  She has recently accepted a position as an Advisory Associate position in the Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk Group at KPMG LLP in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How did you find this position?

I found this position through a previous internship, however, the position is posting in the Fall of each semester, and on-campus interviews are held. My friend who was an accounting major encouraged me to apply to the Future Diversity Leaders Conference which is a diversity externship the firm offers. The firm had recently started a new project and needed an extra intern. As a result, I was offered the externship and an early internship. I participated in the Embark Internship, which is an internship that allows minority students an opportunity to intern with the firm a year or two early.

Tell us about the process of interviewing with this company.

At the time of my first interview, I was interviewing for an internship position. I had a casual meeting with the recruiter, an informational interview with a director, and a behavioral interview with a manger. If you interview on campus, there is always a pre-interview mixer the night before your interview. You will have two behavioral interviews back-to-back.

What previous experience have you had that you think contributed to your success securing this position?

In securing this position, I held leadership positions within two clubs, interned with the company, and served as a campus ambassador which allowed me to gain experience and build a strong network.

What are you most looking forward to about your position/company?

I am most looking forward to interacting with clients and networking with my colleagues.

Any word of advice you could give to your fellow Eller Students?

I encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity they are presented with (within reason). You never know how an experience could lead to a job, internship, or other opportunity for personal growth.