Dream Job Spotlight – Katie Schwieterman, Charles Schwab

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Katie Schwieterman is a Marketing major set to graduate in May of 2019.  She has recently accepted a role in the Marketing Rotation Program at Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas.

What is the position you have accepted?

I have accepted a role in the Marketing Rotation Program at Charles Schwab that is 3 years long.

How did you find this position?

I found this position through my Digital Marketing Internship with Charles Schwab last summer in San Francisco, CA. During the internship, we were told about the rotation program and given a deadline to apply if interested.

Tell us about the process of interviewing with this company.

I interviewed with Schwab initially as a junior when applying for the internship, where I spoke to a recruiter and then the two managers I would be directly working with. During the internship, I had another two interviews for the rotation program. Both interviews for the full time position were more conversational and focused on what I had learned from the internship. I explained my summer project, where I did research and created a paid search campaign aimed at marketing Schwab Intelligent Portfolios to millennials.

What previous experience have you had that you think contributed to your success securing this position?

My summer internship with Schwab was very helpful to get the full time position. I was able to make connections with other managers on the marketing floor and easily hear about opportunities for myself in the future. I have also been involved with a few Eller clubs and worked part-time throughout college, which were both helpful in learning how to manage my time and gain diverse experiences outside of the classroom.

What are you most looking forward to about your position/company?

I’m really looking forward to being in Austin for 3 years versus a summer like my internship. It will be easier to get acclimated to a new area and meeting people that I will be around for multiple years. Also, I’m excited that my position is a rotation program where I will be changing roles each year. Since I don’t know exactly what area of marketing I want to focus my career on, the rotation program will be a perfect fit to gain experience in multiple areas.

Any word of advice you could give to your fellow Eller Students?

My advice would be to take advantage of your professors and resources offered to you at Eller. In my Marketing Research course with Nooshin Warren, our class was taught how to create surveys and run focus groups, which I then used in my internship. The course gave me a structured plan on how to complete my summer project and I’m sure I will continue using skills from class during my full time role as well.