Dream Job Spotlight – Matt Hulst, American Express

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Matt Hulst is an MIS major graduating in Spring 2019.  He has recently accepted a position as an Information Security Analyst at American Express in Phoenix, Arizona.

How did you find this position?

Originally, I was searching for an internship for the summer of 2018 when a friend of mine connected me to an American Express employee. I reached out to them and was told that they did not have any internships available at that time but they did have full time positions needed to be filled. We agreed to stay in contact until I was looking for a full time position.

Tell us about the process of interviewing with this company.

Once I got the chance to interview I was scheduled to have an online meeting with two directors I would be closely working with. One of the interviewers asked me behavioral questions while the other asked me more technical questions relating to my degree. For the behavioral questions I mostly talked about leadership roles I held in my fraternity as well as my previous internship experience. For the technical part I had to write some code and explain what other technical skills I possessed.

What previous experience have you had that you think contributed to your success securing this position?

My summer internship in 2018 as an I.T. intern with Sprouts Farmers Market played a major role in securing this position. Additionally, my involvement and leadership as philanthropy chair for my fraternity also gave me some great experience to talk about during the interview.

What are you most looking forward to about your position/company?

I would say I am most excited to learn during my time with American Express, both technical skills and management skills. On top of this, I am looking forward to the first chapter of my professional career and to see where it takes me in life.

Any word of advice you could give to your fellow Eller Students?

Some advice for my fellow Eller Students…

1.) Find what you enjoy about your degree and learn more about it during your free time.

2.) Get involved with your school, whether this be through Greek life, clubs or making friends with similar interests. This will open up many doors and create opportunities through connections.

3.) Don’t get let down if you interview with a company and don’t end up getting the position. I interviewed with MANY companies for both internships and full-time positions before I got any offers.These failures make great experience for you to learn and adapt for the next company you interview with. Keep searching and things will eventually fall into place.