Dream Job Spotlight – Quelly Mae Ramos, Fulbright Research Grant

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Quelly Mae Ramos is an Economics major set to graduate in the spring of 2019.  She has recently been chosen as one of Fulbright’s Research Grantees to conduct a solo study to analyze South Korea’s mass casualty preparation through a cultural, economic/financial, and training perspective.

How did you find this position?

I found this opportunity through an honors email.

Tell us about the process of interviewing with this company.

There was no interview process required for this specific country. However, my statement of grant purpose as well as my personal statement did take some work. I made sure I communicated with everybody around me, especially my honors thesis adviser, because I knew that they had a lot of experience regarding grant proposals. I probably re-wrote each set 10 times before I got the final product.

What previous experience have you had that you think contributed to your success securing this position?

I definitely think my proposal for my freshman and senior honors thesis as well as my internship with the Southwest Institute for Research on Women helped in the development of my grant proposals. As for the content of my work, my involvement as a research associate with the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center has helped develop my interest in the field.

What are you most looking forward to about your position/company?

I am most looking forward to be working with doctors and medical students of Seoul National University. I definitely think it will be interesting to see how different medical school is abroad.

Any word of advice you could give to your fellow Eller/ECON Students?

Just apply! When it comes to applying for positions or grants, I think that one of the biggest concerns is “Am I going to put in a lot of work just to get nothing in return?” The fear is definitely there, but you can’t get anywhere if you don’t try.