Eller Marketing Trek – New York City 2019

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Recently, students had the opportunity to participate in the Eller Marketing Trek which took place in New York City.  Students had the opportunity to visit companies such as Spotify, BlackRock, NBCUniversal, Freshly, Fleishman Hillard, and Ceros.  

“NBCUniversal proved to be one of my favorite companies to visit as it had a vast range of opportunities and a great company culture. NBCUniversal is an entertainment company and is known for its film production and its sports and news broadcasting. I am also looking forward to seeing how they will change the sports and entertainment industry with their upcoming streaming service. While visiting the company, we talked with a panel of young professionals in digital marketing, production, and business-to-business sales. I enjoyed hearing about the challenges and accomplishments they had in getting to their position, and I learned a lot from their experiences and advice that they gave us.I also really enjoyed the company culture at NBCUniversal. It was amazing to see the friendliness and camaraderie among the employees, and I immediately noticed how passionate everyone was about the company. With so many career paths within NBCUniversal, I realized there were many opportunities for professional growth and numerous chances to work in many different areas within the company.” – Mattea Hanson

“FleishmanHillard was another company I loved getting the opportunity to visit. Beforehand, I was assigned to create a short presentation on FleishmanHillard and present it to the rest of the students attending the study tour. By creating this presentation, I learned that FleishmanHillard was founded as a public relations and digital marketing agency by Al Fleishman and Bob Hillard in 1946. It’s main purpose was to help their clients properly integrate communications into their operations, thus achieving their business goals. I also learned that some of the values incorporated in the culture and company as a whole include respect, ethical behavior, teamwork, transparent business practices, achieving meaningful results, and relationship-driven client service. I saw all of these values admirably portrayed within all of the staff members we met during our visit. Not only were they very intelligent, but they were also kind, friendly, and very open to answering our questions. In addition to this, I was so appreciative to the staff members at FleishmanHillard for going the extra mile by providing us with great advice and offering their personal help with our individual career pursuits.” – Natalie Samet

“From all of the companies we visited in our time in New York, my favorite company was Ceros, located a few blocks away from our hotel in Chelsea. Ceros is an experiential content creation platform, aimed at making marketing easier, and more effective for their clients to use on their customer, creating an easy to use interface for the company to use for decks or marketing on their store front page with a copy and paste of simple code. They operate in the communications / marketing cloud sector, with their business model is a subscription service to enterprises and other large companies to use Ceros’ platform. Walking into the Ceros headquarters, you are instantly hit with a rich lively atmosphere. The adaptations you see in movies and television of a brand new startup in New York or Silicon Valley, this company is it in real life. The Atmosphere is fun, laid back, but very efficient and productive with teams working together and collaborating with other teams on projects. Our guide told us the team is non competitive, with everyone helping each other and positively reinforced when someone succeeds for instance with sales calls with new leads ending in a new client. All of the conference are named after the dogs that roam the office with a pub that makes the CEO feel at home, originally from the UK. Everyone was friendly and very busy with some of our speakers having to leave early for another meeting, however, that’s the spirit of New York. Ceros is a company that I would love to work for as it’s an atmosphere that is optimistic, cheerful, and hard working” – Carlos Moreno

“We followed Ceros by attending Freshly.com, a startup that was created by two U of A alumni that wanted to implement a healthier lifestyle into their busy work life. Freshly gave us an array of panelists to speak with, and we learned about the direction the brand is headed in the future years. After, we learned about how digital marketing and finance converge at BlackRock. It was really cool to see marketing applied in such a different faction of the business world. Our last visit was to Spotify, which had a spectacular new office looking over the Financial District, Hudson and East Rivers. It was really interesting to hear about such a lucrative, growing company with a large global presence.” – Tanner Strauss

“This trip not only started many new friendships with the other students, but it also left me in bit of a wonder about where I’m meant to be after college; but this wonder that I have is full of optimism.
One thing I am positive about, is that I have a passion for marketing, I have a strong work ethic, and I am always ready to take on a new challenge. After the NYC Marketing Study Trek, I came to two conclusions. First, if you want to have a career in marketing, you may have to find a different outlet to work your way up into that industry—such as starting off as an intern or participating in an after-college program. During our visit to NBCUniversal, Hayley said “Taking an internship may not be your dream, but you are taking the step in the right direction.”
Second, you have to be patient, and it’s all about the right timing. Kevin Schatell, an NBCUniversal panelist said, “Things are going to work out when they are supposed to.” Good things take time, and this is something that I am learning.” – Talia Sabbath