Class Captain 2018 – Mariana Audeves, Goldman Sachs

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Mariana Audeves works at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City. She graduated in 2018 as a Class Captain in Business Administration in MIS. This is her advice as her 1 year anniversary of graduating approaches. 

Stay curious – you never know where curiosity might lead you, so be open minded and take calculated risks when thinking about your career. It is possible option A will not work for you, but that does not mean another great opportunity will come your way. Harness your curiosity and you will surely accomplish your next big thing.

Bounce back – how you handle rejection is very similar to how you handle success. When it comes to your career, you might have disappointing moments, but these moments would be the ones that will define you and how you show maturity and perspective. Take these setbacks rationally as learning lessons to be applied to achieve your long-term goals.

Aptitude × Attitude = Success – whenever you end up in your career, do not even forget about this formula. Keep in mind that enthusiasm will help you perform well and operate on top form, and people around you will definitely notice and appreciate it.

As you move on to your next chapter in life, keep in mind the following quote I once read from an article – it might become a reminder for your career progress: “Fail—Learn—Move on—Don’t repeat. You will—You should—You must—You mustn’t.”