One Year Out – Advice for the Class of 2019

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Katie Alhadeff was a Business Administration and Management major who graduated in the Class of 2018.  She is a Territory Sales Manager at Altria Group in Phoenix, AZ and has some advice to the graduating Class of 2019 about life after college.
It feels surreal that I am sitting here even writing this right now, that the class below me is about to enter the real world, a place I’ve already been for a WHOLE YEAR?! It’s crazy! What I can tell you is that I truly believe time flies when you’re having fun and enjoying your life, hence why our four years in college seemed to pass us by so incredibly quickly. But those fun times do NOT have to end when you graduate! I have told so many seniors this year not to stress about graduating, because even though it feels like the end to the most amazing chapter of your life, it can be an end to a chapter followed by a new, just as fun, one. I remember sitting at brunch with my family the morning after commencement and right after the Eller graduation because it had been very early that morning, and I started crying at the restaurant. The anxiety had hit, and even though I had a job and a place to live in a great city with awesome roommates, reality had finally sunk in that college was over, like, forever. I was depressed and scared and so emotional, and thinking back on how I felt that morning, I get a little chuckle out of it now. I am having so much fun and going on so many weekend trips, and meeting tons of new people, it’s honestly just like college life, but with MORE MONEY and LESS HOMEWORK!
Life after college will be what you make it, so get excited for gradation people! The best is yet to come.