Sean Tamboer

Internship Spotlight – Sean Tamboer, Honeywell

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Sean Tamboer is an Accounting and MIS major set to graduate in May 2020.  This past summer, Sean was a Future Finance Leaders Intern for Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona.

How did you get this internship?

I spoke with Katie Maxwell, who introduced me to the idea of working for Honeywell. After working on my resume, cover letter, and even a couple letters of recommendation, I applied early, interviewed, and received an offer!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was the exposure to senior-level finance and accounting leadership. I was given the opportunity to present on the projects I worked on in person to 30+ leaders, including several Vice Presidents and CFOs within Honeywell. Moreover, I developed a great network of fellow interns, full-time employees within the FFL program, and other employees who worked regionally and globally.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it below:

I had two big projects. My main project was an integrated supply chain (ISC) playbook. Its purpose was to be a primary source material for training new hires or transfers as well as more experienced employees. With the project, I was able to interview executives and leverage their technical expertise to create diagrams and write explanations of difficult to understand topic areas. With every person I spoke to, the playbook got more and more exposure and excitement – many people within the ISC function wanted this playbook and me to be successful.

What advice do you have for other students looking for a similar internship?

In terms of what to look for in an internship – rotational programs are the best for getting a diversity of experience and an extensive network within a shorter period of time. In terms of getting accepted for a similar internship – make it known to the company and their recruiters your interest, and do more than the bare minimum when applying. In your interview, talk about how your previous experience would lead you to be successful in this role, and know what the program entails to show that you researched and take initiative.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?

Eller helped me prepare by exposing me to my options and pushing me to get an internship in general. The School of Accountancy held a career panel where representatives from different types of companies (national and regional accounting, industry, and governmental), presented and answered questions about both their realm of career paths and their specific company. This was one of my first times considering a career outside of public accounting firms. Then, Eller’s experienced and knowledgeable staff, specifically Katie Maxwell, helped me learn more about that career path and it’s benefits compared to other options. Furthermore, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, an Eller organization, really developed my resume, interview, and networking skills to where it is today. AKPsi has had a significant impact on my marketability to companies and my business skills.

Did your internship employer provide housing or transportation assistance?

Housing – my employer provided housing

Anything else you would like to share about your internship experience?

Many accounting majors consider public accounting as the best route for a career. I believed that once too. However, I am grateful that I decided to explore other options like Honeywell, as I could not be happier and more hopeful for my career path and the benefits of industry. Specific to the FFL program at Honeywell, there is ample opportunity to travel, to take on different accounting, finance, and specialty roles (like corporate Audit and controllership), and to connect with other interns, full-time employees, and senior-level employees.