#EllerPersistence The Pressure to Be Perfect

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Hannah Rapp graduate in May 2019 with majors in marketing and entrepreneurship.

The biggest thing I struggled with during my recruiting story was the pressure to be perfect. I wanted to be the perfect Eller student, with the perfect internship, and perfect career. When I was rejected by the three companies I had been consistently interacting with and learning about since my Freshman year, I was heartbroken and felt like a failure because I didn’t feel like I was perfect.

I was scared that if I went to an advisor or a friend telling them that I didn’t have an internship, they would think less of me. I thought that they would think I was a failure. I ended up being completely wrong, as they completely calmed my nerves, and connected me to an internship that would lead me into what I wanted in the future.

You only ever see the perfect Instagram posts announcing the amazing internship that a person has received. You don’t see the fact that they had to apply to 48 internships before they even got a response, or the amount of sleep someone lost, or the amount of times people wanted to give up.

Every student has a story that is different, but I think it is important to showcase that there is no perfect path that everyone should take to be successful, but rather a bunch of twists and turns that lead them to grow into who they are today.

I graduated in May 2019; I got my current job at Havas Media in New York City two days before graduation and have been living in New York for about three months now. I absolutely love my job and the team I’m working with. I’m learning a lot and am really excited about the world of media as a whole. I’m very thankful for all of the opportunities and experiences I had at The U of A and Eller; it’s a really special place that I hope students never take for granted.

To the current Eller students: I hope my story inspires you and shows you that you don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers in order to be successful.