Alexis Edwards

Internship Spotlight – Alexis Edwards, GEICO

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Alexis Edwards is a Marketing major set to graduate in May 2020.  This summer she interned for GEICO as a Business Leadership Intern in Tucson, Arizona. 

How did you get this internship?

I talked to the GEICO recruiter at the marketing mixer early fall of 2019 and h e mentioned their internship and I decided to keep it in the back of my mind. Then a few months later I found the internship on handshake and decided to apply.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of my experience was beginning the process of developing my personal leadership style. I had ideas about what kind of leader I was or wanted to be going in, but never dove into the topic. Through workshops, group projects, seminars, and meeting with my mentor I was able to experience a multitude of different leadership styles, but also work to identify pieces of my own. At the end of the 8 weeks I can say I feel much more confident in my leadership skills, but also know exactly the areas I want to grow and develop further to be a more effective and engaging leader in my future career endeavors.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it below:

The biggest project I was tasked with was a hiring project that centered around increasing out of state hires for GEICO’s Management Development Program. I was put in a group of four other interns and we worked on the project for five weeks. Through this time I was able to do extensive research, meet with managers to discuss ideas/statistics, and do a mock presentation. Our suggestions were a mentorship program, new technology, and targeting a new school to recruit from. My group and I compiled our information on a PowerPoint and presented it to our intern coordinators and upper management during our last week. We received great feedback and when it was all said and done we were proud of the work we had done.

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?

Case competitions were the BEST internship preparation ever. I was tasked with three separate projects, two of which included oral presentations in front of upper management, my intern coordinators, and my fellow interns. The presentations were very similar to those I did in my BCOM class and so I was able to go in confident in my ability to deliver my content in an engaging way. After our presentations members of management complimented my public speaking and how well I drove home my research and the WHOLE time all I could think about was how thankful I was I learned so much from my presentations in BCOM. (Thanks Mandel for always telling me to watch my uptalk so people feel confident in my work).