Christopher Brown

Internship Spotlight – Christopher Brown, Knight-Swift Logistics

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Christopher Brown is a MIS/OM major set to graduate in May 2021.  This summer he interned for Knight-Swift Logistics as a Logistics Intern in Phoenix, Arizona. 

How did you get this internship?

I discovered Knight-Swift at the Eller CareerFair. I was looking for a company that would accept sophomore interns, and Knight-Swift was. I submitted a resume to them, and then completed a phone interview, followed by an in-person interview. I had lots of preparation from my BNAD 200 class, which helped me develop a strong resume and elevator pitch, and from my BCOM 214 class, which helped make me a strong interviewer.

What was a typical day like?

A typical day included training and then application of software and departments, In the mornings, we would typically learn about a specific part of the company or training on a system, and then in the afternoons, we would sit with employees and apply what we learned and get a feel for the various positions within the company. The internship structure was rotational, so I sat with different departments every week, which allowed to constantly stay engaged learning something new.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of this experience was getting to meet and work with people from a variety of universities and background. We had interns from ASU, GCU, Embry Riddle, and even students from Baltimore and Ghana! I loved getting to learn how their business programs are different, as well as how the skills I have learned in my pre-business classes compared to students from other institutions.

If you worked on a big project, please describe it below:

I designed and presented a project with one other intern regarding how Amazon’s development of a Logistics Brokerage has impacted the logistics industry. I completed market research and analyzed industry changes, as well as historical changes in company data to provide solutions and recommendations on how Knight Logistics should conduct business with Amazon.

What advice do you have for other students looking for a similar internship?

Put yourself out there! Do not be afraid to attend career fairs, ask questions, and share your story. I had never heard of Knight-Swift Logistics prior to this summer, but by curious and asking questions, I made life long friends and memories and gained invaluable experiences I will cherish for a lifetime!

How did Eller prepare you for your internship?

Eller gave me the necessary tools and preparation to earn the position. Without a strong resume and interviewing skills, I would not have felt as confident in my ability to apply, interview, and earn the position!

Anything else you would like to share about your internship experience?

This was a great opportunity to learn about internal networking, office culture, and provided me great real-world experience