Global Internship Spotlight – Alyssa Schwantner, Naru Sports

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

Alyssa Schwantner is a Marketing and MIS double major set to graduate in May 2020.  This summer she interned for Naru Sports in Barcelona, Spain.

Throughout my time at my internship, I worked on two different projects, “Sports Tours” and “The Match.” The Sports Tours project is based around the idea of having club or university teams travel together to another country in order to participate in intensive training with expert coaching, tournaments, and cultural excursions. In order to aid in the launch of the project, I have been collecting over 1,000 contacts of Division 1 soccer coaches in the United States collegiate athletics system. My co-lead and I have also created email templates, PowerPoints and newsletters in order to follow-up with the coaches who haven’t originally showed interest in the product. My second project, “The Match”, is based around a proposed soccer match in the United States this upcoming year. The game itself will have professional men and women soccer stars playing together in order to promote gender equality. I have assisted in the project by creating a presentation for all proposed sponsors.

My internship has taught me so much about how to work with so many types of people, both personality and culturally wise. The company I work for is mainly supported through interns in the summertime, and we all come from different parts of the United States with different backgrounds. With all these differences, we have consistently been working towards learning more about each other and how to better work together in order to complete our projects assigned within the short amount of 8 weeks we are abroad.

To anyone considering studying abroad, I would highly recommend it! This was my first time out of the United States, and it has been so great to learn more about a new culture by working and immersing myself in it for 2 months. It’s the perfect amount of time to experience where you are, all while gaining professional experience that will be so beneficial in future endeavors. Not every country’s businesses run the same way, so having the unique perspective of being involved in one makes you so much more adaptable.

If this summer has taught me anything, it’s how much Eller has prepared me for working roles. From being able to create and perform a professional presentation to knowing how to conduct proper industry research, Eller has helped so much in order to come prepared to my internship. It is clear when comparing to other interns, that the classes I have taken and the things I have learned, are more in depth and useful for real world experience. I can’t wait to head back to Eller this coming year and use what I have learned abroad in the classroom.