ACES – Austin Herbel

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Austin Herbel graduated in 2018 and works as a Corporate Analyst for JP Morgan in Phoenix.

1.) What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The financial service industry is an integral part of everyone’s lives, and seeing projects come to fruition that have an impact on so many people’s day to day lives is rewarding. Also being intellectually challenged is something that is fulfilling and keeps me engaged. Lastly, it is rewarding to work for a global firm that prioritizes people first and giving back to communities. 


2.) What skills do you find most important in your career?

– The ability to work with big data and uncover insights that can be used to drive strategic decisions as a business (data analytics).

 Being comfortable with ambiguity. Many projects and initiatives are set in front of you with only a goal in sight. There are no rules as to how you are going to get there, and you must be comfortable with that degree of ambiguity and thrive under pressure.

Being comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone.


3.) In what ways did Eller prepare you for your job?

The technical skills and knowledge you will obtain from your degree provide a foundation and understanding of which you will use to excel in your career. More importantly are the communication/presenting skills, ability to work in a team environment and pursuing leadership opportunities will immediately set you apart from many of your peers early on in your career.


4.) Advice for a student looking to enter your company?

Be open to exploring career fields that may not be considered a traditional path of people within your degree. Talk to people across industries and firms and ultimately pursue a career path that you find interesting. 


5.) Your favorite UA/Eller memory?

The contagious Eller environment of everyday being surrounded by aspiring, ambitious, like minded business professionals.