Externship Spotlights Pt. 1 – Winter 2019

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

An externship is different from an internship. An externship is a shadowing experience, not a job. However, externships can lead to internships.  Over the Winter 2019 Break, many students participated in an externship in various locations.  Here is part 1 of student’s externship experiences.

Kaitlyn Susa, Pre-Business | GEICO, Tucson, Arizona

During the externship, we got a tour of GEICO offices and had multiple opportunities to ask questions. We also had their internship programs explained to us.  I wanted to do this externship to learn more about the facets of insurance and determine if insurance was a good fit for my personality and work style.  GEICO has amazing company culture and I would love to join their company in the future if I am able.

Shaw Zeider, Pre-Business | Define Financial, La Jolla, California

I learned about there day to day processes. I started by sitting in on a team meeting then, learning about the firm, then looking over a financial model with a partner, then lastly learning about there CRM tools. Then, I actually got to sit in on a phone call with a prospective client.  I did this externship because I wanted to learn more about the “real world.”  I learned more about the world of financial planning and how professionals conduct themselves.

Megan Deschapelles, Business Economics | PickMySolar, Los Angeles, California

I met up with the Lead of Business Development and during out day I sat in some calls, attended a meetings, and also watched a webinar.  I did this because I wanted to learn more about the solar panel and renewable energy industry and see how new technology is being implemented to solve global change issues.  In my externship, I got to learn a lot about the current and future implementation of electric vehicles.

Katarina Ruiz, Pre-Business | Frank, Rimerman Co., Deloitte, San Jose, California

I toured the office spaces, got to ask questions and had a networking lunch afterwards.  I did this externship to gain more information about the accounting field.  I learned that there is a chance for me to become a public accountant and perform financial accounting for startups.

Luke Handley, Management | Phoenix Suns, Phoenix, Arizona

I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in on a normal day at the Phoenix Suns office. I met with people from each department that interested me such as Ticket Sales, Group Sales, Partnerships, and more. It was overall a very rewarding experience and I am thankful that I was selected for such a wonderful opportunity.  I wanted to learn more about the daily activities of an NBA office.  I learned a lot about the sports industry as a whole, including the dedication and persistence that goes into every facet of the industry.