Externship Spotlights Pt. 2 – Winter 2019

Eller PDC Coordinator Student Stories

An externship is different from an internship. An externship is a shadowing experience, not a job. However, externships can lead to internships.  Over the Winter 2019 Break, many students participated in an externship in various locations.  Here is part 2 of student’s externship experiences.

Selena Sedor, Economics | Homeland Security Investigations, Oro Valley, Arizona

In my externship, we went over cases that the special agents have covered, toured the office and parking lot of undercover trucks.  I already knew becoming a special agent was something that I was interested in pursuing, and now I am confident that it is definitely my top career choice.  Our lectures covered money laundering and other financial crimes. We were able to do a mock interview with a “suspect” after we learned how to set up the interview as well as guideline to a successful interview.

Lauren Swetonic, Pre-Business | BDO, Seattle, Washington

I mainly shadowed the associate through his day to day activities, got a tour of the office, sat in on a review of a financial model, and got lunch with him.  I have an interest in accounting and wanted to see how the field is in real life.  I learned a lot about valuation as a career, I didn’t know much at all about it beforehand.

Yamelle Gonzalez, Management | Cintas Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona

I obtained an understanding of the daily operation of Cintas and gained knowledge on their four major departments, by shadowing the general manager, plant manager, human resources manager, and current management trainees.  I wanted to narrow my career focus by gaining first-hand insight into a career and industry of my interest.  In virtue of my participation, I now have a better understanding of what the future will look like.

Kyle Ratcliff, Business Administration | HBL CPAs & Pima County Finance and Risk Management Department, Tucson, Arizona

I did two externships over the winter break.  The first was with HBL CPAs.  There I spent time learning about the firm’s tax preparation division, the auditing division, and some of the day-to-day work of the lower level associates.  It was very well organized while giving us an idea of what went on at the company without overwhelming us.  The second externship I did was with Pima County Finance and Risk Management department.  That was an amazing experience.  We were taken through 6 different divisions, met with senior staff, and were given overview presentations in each one as to their respective role within the department.  We focused primarily on accounting, finance, reporting, and revenue collection, as well as hearing from employee’s how they enjoyed working for the county.  They were clearly interested in engaging with us and making sure any questions we may have had were answered.  I wanted to see how accounting and finance professionals went about their day-to-day duties, and how principles I’ve learned about in classes were applied in the real world.  I learned that I want to work in governmental accounting.

Maria Gorbunova, Pre-Business | OH Partners, Phoenix, Arizona

We were given a lot of insight into corporate meetings, creative production process, strategy development, and client presentations. We also had an opportunity to ask any questions to the agency’s employees.  I did this externship because I have an interest in advertising.  I was fascinated by the format of the advertising business, and I have realized that’s something I want to do after graduation given the opportunity.