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Be wEller 2020: Mattea Hanson

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In an effort to support our Be wEller campaign, we’ve reached out to students to find out about internships and ways they are learning to work remotely and stay well in the process.

Mattea Hanson (MKTG) is completing a global internship along with the Eller Business Careers Institute.

Experience: I’m working as a marketing intern at Mamma Wellbeing, which is an alternative healthcare booking company in London. I’ve had the opportunity to assist with their social media reach and engagement as well as content writing for their new website. Since this is a small company, it’s been a great experience to see my contributions be incorporated into their practices and know that I am making a difference in the company.

What have you learned so far about working/learning remotely? One of the most important lessons I have learned is time management. Working remotely offers a lot of flexibility, but I also have to be proactive in creating and sticking to a schedule. To do this, I made myself set working hours, where I work only during that time and relax once I finish for the day. I also try to have a good morning routine so that I can get up and dressed like I’m going into an office.

How is your employer helping you out during this time of online learning/remote internships? My employer and colleagues have been really supportive throughout the internship. Although there is an 8-hour time difference, they are always happy to work out meeting times that work best for all of us. Additionally, they encourage me to work during times that are most productive for me and don’t require a strict start and end time. Moreover, I think effective communication and understanding have allowed me to develop a strong relationship with my team.

What are you doing personally for your health and wellness? I think the most important thing I’m doing for my health and wellness is taking breaks and not doing any more work after I’ve finished for the day. Instead, I enjoy being able to relax and work on other things I’m interested in. For the past few weeks, I have been taking online courses through sites like HubSpot and Coursera on topics I enjoy. I also try to catch up with friends, read, and expand my network during this time.