Be wEller 2020: Sarah Dusza

PDC Staff Student Stories

In an effort to support our Be wEller campaign, we’ve reached out to students to find out about internships and ways they are learning to work remotely and stay well in the process.

photo of Sarah DuszaSarah Dusza (BA Economics) is a Corporate Operational Risk Testing Intern.

Experience:  My summer project is doing a proof of concept of a new risk analysis model/methodology to see if the Operational Risk department would like to adopt this model/methodology moving forward. It’s been fun to see how the concepts I’ve learned in class apply to the real-world, especially statistics. At this point, we are finalizing the scope for the risk scenario and interviewing subject matter experts to get the right metrics for the model, like asset resistance strength and threat capacity.

What have you learned so far about working/learning remotely? So far, my time management and problem solving skills have been really important working remotely because there’s no one here to hold me accountable directly. My manager has been very flexible about letting me choose how I clock in my 8 hours, but there are still hard deadlines for deliverables that have to be met. Another thing I’ve learned is how to troubleshoot technology issues, starting with the obvious, like checking cord connections, then working my way to the technology help desk if needed.

How is your employer helping you out during this time of online learning/remote internships? Schwab has blown me away with this remote internship. They coordinated intern “families” according to work time zones to give us a social component and host webinars once or twice a week where interns can learn more about the company culture and different sectors within the firm. My favorite webinar so far has been a PowerPoint crash course led by a best-selling Amazon author. The speaker taught us how to create effective corporate presentations by using space and graphics to strategically shift audience perspectives away from the “critical cortex” and into the “visual cortex,” which makes them more receptive to your message.

What are you doing personally for your health and wellness? For my personal health and wellness, I’ve been spending time with family and going on primitive backpacking trips on the weekend to escape the craziness in the city. Last weekend I took my dog up north to Pine Top and we spent the weekend isolating in the woods and swimming in the creeks.