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Be wEller 2020: Aiza Coulter

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In an effort to support our Be wEller campaign, we’ve reached out to students to find out about internships and ways they are learning to work remotely and stay well in the process.

Aiza Coulter (Marketing) is completing a global internship with a company in London, England.

Experience: I’m currently working with a company based in London called White Rabbit Films as an Assistant Impact Producer and Junior Researcher. My role consists of transcribing research interviews, supporting the director, researching to support the fictional script that they have in development, and developing a marketing and impact strategy for their documentary film. 

What have you learned so far about working/learning remotely? So far I’ve learned that time management, organization, and self-care are the most important aspects of working remotely. It’s important to have a designated work space and also to take breaks. 

How is your employer helping you out during this time of online learning/remote internships? My employer has helped me in this remote internship by having consistent communication and ensuring that I understand all of my tasks. 

What are you doing personally for your health and wellness? For my own health and wellness, I have been meditating and practicing yoga every night to recharge. Making it a point to call friends and family, listening to music, and cooking have also been really great outlets for stress.