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Be wEller 2020: Chandana Daryani

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In an effort to support our Be wEller campaign, we’ve reached out to students to find out about internships and ways they are learning to work remotely and stay well in the process.

Chandana Daryani (Pre-Business) participated in the Eller Business Careers Institute (EBCI) this summer.

Experience: While my freshman year at Eller was cut short, it has been quite memorable! I worked as a Preceptor for the MIS Instructional Team in Spring 2020 and participated in the Eller Business Careers Institute for the summer. Both these opportunities have helped me connect with faculty and other members at Eller, expand my professional network and develop my professional skills. 

What have you learned so far about working/learning remotely? Just like my classes, my preceptorship was made online too, and I had to learn as well as work remotely. This comes with its challenges but it can all be smooth and easy-going if we support each other and my friends, professors, advisors, and career coaches at Eller have made me realize just that. Being in the comfort of my home now, I have also learned how important it is to stay on top of my tasks and fight distractions. Working remotely while in quarantine has also helped me learn how to stay connected, despite the distances and I ensure I keep checking in on my friends and loved ones every now and then. 

How is your employer helping you out during this time of online learning/remote internships? I think one of the best decisions I made was to join EBCI for the Summer. I got to know about the program through one of my classes and applied to it right away. I have developed so many new professional connections, inside and outside Eller all thanks to the EBCI staff. All the career coaches are always available to help you and you can reach out to them even with the smallest questions without any hesitation. I have improved my resume, cover letters, learned a new tech skill and know much more about the different industries and career paths after college. I am grateful to the EBCI staff for this opportunity and for helping me make the best of this summer. 

What are you doing personally for your health and wellness? Having not been able to go outside for a while now, I am trying to ensure I take care of myself by exercising daily and eating healthy as much as I can. I also like to read books and do yoga!