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Be wEller: Paige Denton

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In an effort to support our Be wEller campaign, we’ve reached out to students to find out about internships and ways they are learning to work remotely and stay well in the process.

Paige Denton (Accounting) is a Summer Analyst at MUFG Union Bank

Experience: I was hired onto the Controls, Assurance, and Advisory (CAA) team. Recently, I’ve been helping to schedule walk through meetings with their external auditor, receiving training on controls testing, and documenting any necessary procedure manuals. I was also put on a team with nine other interns across different departments, and we are working on creating a presentation with recommendations for any problem areas identified in a recent global survey. 

What have you learned so far about working/learning remotely? I have learned the importance of good communication! I have never met most of my coworkers in person, so it’s really important that I communicate in my best and most positive manner over email, phone call, and video, because things can easily be taken the wrong way. Also, asking questions is key. Learning remotely is much harder than in person, so I always have to make sure that I’m asking the right questions. 

How is your employer helping you out during this time of online learning/remote internships? They are so good at answering my questions and scheduling one-on-one meetings with me to make sure that I’m doing well! I was assigned numerous buddies and mentors, so I always feel like I have someone to talk to. It’s been very helpful to have so many resources to get different perspectives on things. 

What are you doing personally for your health and wellness? I like to take quick breaks every so often! If I finish a project, I’ll take a break away from my laptop before I review it and submit to my manager. This helps to refresh my mind and ensure that I’m not staring at my screen for too long. Taking walks outside on my lunch break has also been really beneficial both physically and mentally!