Grad School Spotlight – Grant Lewis

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Grant Lewis graduated from Eller in 2016 as a Finance major.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Finance at the University of Arizona.

The main reason I decided to go to graduate school is to get a better understanding of Finance and to gain an edge on the intensive field. The second reason is because I am pursuing a job as a portfolio manager, and this is usually a necessary requirement for that position.

The most challenging part of the Master’s experience is balancing the work. The workload is very in-depth and requires a much deeper understanding. You have to do much more of your own research and self teaching to achieve a high grade in the curriculum. The most rewarding part of the experience is expanding your knowledge in the financial space, but also receiving good scores for all of the work that has been put in.

The advice I have for other students with similar interests is to commit and continue to push themselves. This work will not come easy and can be very difficult to get through, but is extremely rewarding along the way. If you have 100% commitment it makes it much easier to buckle down and get the work done even though it is a long process.